The Alpine Section

The final section of Lake Mohawk to be developed — The Alpine Pass — presented the Crane Company with a unique problem in that new buyers would have considerably more difficulty availing themselves of the amenities of the Country Club than previous buyers. The distance a new buyer would need to travel to get to the big lake and the clubhouse made Alpine a tough sell in an era when families generally did not have two cars. Without some added amenities, the Alpine section offered little prospect for profitable development. Recreation was marketed as the cornerstone of  Alpine — swimming, tennis and skiing combined with “…fertile land and heavily wooded seclusion.” These exclusive amenities were designed to foster a sense of “getting something extra” from the new home sites. Including exclusive membership to the Alpine Pool. The exclusivity continues for Alpine Section properties today.

The Alpine Section (for purposes of Alpine Beach membership) starts at 78 Alpine Trail including Summit Trail, Summit Road, Valley View Trail, and all side streets including Alpine Terrace.

2022 Alpine Beach Membership information available here!

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